Affiliate Program 

Travellers can save up to 25% by booking flights and hotels in a bundle rather than reserving these components separately. You no longer have to spend hours checking different Web sites and platforms; we’ve got it all in one place.

Why join the Travelcheck affiliate program?

By becoming an affiliate, you’ll make money each time a booking is made through your website.

A platform that gives customers discounts on flights, hotels and activities by offering bundled rates, the online booking platform connects travellers with all the major airlines and over 300 000 hotels around the world.

Our dynamic packages feature differentiates Travelcheck from other online booking websites because it allows users to custom-create their holidays.

How it works?

We’ve streamlined our entire affiliate process to ensure ease of use, while still maintaining extremely accurate affiliate tracking. 

  • Visitors click on an affiliate link, banner or whitelable on your site or in an email.

  • The visitors IP is logged and a cookie is placed in their browser for tracking purposes. 

  • The visitor browses our site, and may decide to order. 

  • If the visitor orders (the order need not be placed during the same browser session – cookies and IPs are stored indefinitely), the order will be registered as a sale for you.

  • We will review and approve the sale.

  • You will receive commission payouts.

Commission structure

Flight Booking R 100


Package Booking R 250

Hotel Booking 4%

Travelcheck Affiliate Program FAQ’s


How can I translate Moviebase into other languages?

All translations of Moviebase are managed on Crowdin. Everybody can translate a few words into his/her language. The changed content will be updated in the next releases.

You just have to sign up on Crowdin and choose your language. Don’t hesitate if you have any questions.

Can I help beta test Moviebase?

You certainly can! To become a beta tester just opt-in to the beta channel.

Does Moviebase collect any personal data?

You can read our privacy policy here.

Can I make a feature request?

Yes, I would like to hear from you! Every feature request can be written directly on our discussion board or sent by email at

Upcoming ideas, the next tasks and released features can be viewed on the Trello board. You are welcome to vote and write comments on the board!
Note: Just because a feature is often requested doesn't necessarily guarantee its inclusion in Moviebase.

Can I see what you’re working on right now?

Upcoming ideas, the next tasks and released features can be viewed on the Trello board. You are welcome to vote and write comments on the board!

How can I directly contact the support?

You can get in touch with us via the contact page or send us an email directly at If you're having a specific issue, using our discussion board to get a quick answer.

Can I support or help Moviebase?

I’m very happy if you support the Moviebase project! There are many ways what you could do.

1. Share Moviebase with friends & family and on other websites. Just send the link around.
2. Help to translate the app into another language on Crowdin.
3. Write an article or post a blog about Moviebase.
4. Fill the app with new content. Contribute the data on The Movie Database website.
5. Write a feature request or report an issue on our discussion board.
6. Use a Moviebase Premium subscription in the app.

Or whatever else comes into your head :)

What is the exact purpose of this app?

Moviebase gives you the best overview of movies & TV shows from the largest community network The Movie Database (TMDb), similar to IMDB. You can discover movies and TV series, or browse through many categories to get the right information.

Do you have iOS version for iPhones?

An iOS version isn’t available at the moment. But it isn’t excluded that we will have one in the future.

I’m using Android 5 (or below) and Moviebase no longer updates in the Play Store. Why?

Moviebase 1.9.0 and above require Android 6 or higher.


Why is my item removed from the watchlist automatically when I mark it as watched?

The watchlist contains items a user want to watch in the future. Once watched, they are auto removed from this list. When the TV show is in the history list and progress then the user has started to watch episodes. But that does not mean that the series has been seen completely. It could also happen that new episodes will be released. In this case, it would be mess up lists if the TV show goes back to the watchlist automatically.

What do the different lists mean?

History: All watched items (check-ins, watched) for a user. Collection: Items a user has available to watch including Blu-Rays, DVDs, and digital downloads. Watchlist: Items a user wants to watch in the future. Once watched, they are auto removed from this list.
Personal lists: Custom list for any purpose. Items are not auto removed from any custom lists.

I want to see IMDB ratings in the list, is it possible?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to show IMDB ratings on the list. It is only possible to query individual ratings on the detail page.


Why doesn’t Moviebase have Rotten Tomatoes or Metacritic?

I would love to integrate Rotten Tomatoes and Metacritic into the app. Unfortunately, this would cost us a fee of 30,000$/year for Rotten Tomatoes and 48,000$/year for Metacritic, which is clearly too much.

Adding content without a license would cause the app to be blocked in the Google Play Store.

Where the data come from?

The most displayed data comes from The Movie Database and Trakt.

The Information on a show or movie is wrong or missing, what should I do?

All of the show and movie information in Moviebase is pulled from The Movie Database (TMDB), a community-built database. Movies and series you find on TMDB website can also be found in the app. If the information is wrong or missing, you can:

1. Create a TMDB account and update the information yourself
2. Create a TMDB account and ask ask a moderator to update the show for you using the TMDB forum
3. Create a thread on the Moviebase discussion board.

Changes made to the TMDB should reflect in the Moviebase app within 24 hours.
If you have any questions about this, feel free to contact us at

I would love if you contribute new data for Moviebase. You can find more information on

Why is a movie or episode release date wrong?

The movie and episode release dates are restricted to the original release in the country of origin.

If the release country is known, Moviebase assumes the release date is in a time zone of this country (for example Eastern Time for US shows and Central European Time for German shows). Then it is converted to your device time zone.

If the release country is not known, Moviebase will assume the country to be the United States of America.
You can view the country in detailed show information.

If the displayed country is not correct it can be changed at the data source. If the country is correct, but you believe the release time is incorrectly converted in Moviebase, please send a message.

I don’t find the TV show or movie, what can I do?

All of the show and movie information in Moviebase is pulled from The Movie Database (TMDB), a community-built database. Movies and series you find on TMDB website can also be found in the app. If the information is wrong or missing, you can:

1. Create a TMDB account and update the information yourself
2. Create a TMDB account and ask ask a moderator to update the show for you using the TMDB forum
3. Create a thread on the Moviebase discussion board.

Changes made to the TMDB should reflect in the Moviebase app within 24 hours.
If you have any questions about this, feel free to contact us at

I would love if you contribute new data for Moviebase. You can find more information on

Why Moviebase doesn’t use TVDB for TV shows?

Moviebase was developed to provide users a trending movie app. The representation of series and Trakt integration was added much later. At this time, TVDB didn’t provide new access to their data. The website quality and support were not as good as desired.

Today it would take a lot of time to switch from TMDB to TVDB. It isn’t worth investigate time for changing the data source, because TMDB offers a better website and the team is working hard to go deep into TV show functionalities.

Why is the overview in English sometimes?

Moviebase loads the data in your language from The Movie Database. If an overview isn’t translated in your language then the app uses English as a fallback.

How can I fix the content between Trakt and Moviebase?

To combine the content between Trakt and Moviebase it is important that both platforms have the necessary IDs.
First, you should check if the IDs are available on Trakt. To do so, go to your desired movie or series. Under the poster, you can see the available services.

  • For movies, TMDB and/or IMDB must be present.
  • For series, TMDB and/or TVDB must be present.

If the IDs are missing then Trakt has to update the data. To do this press the button " Refresh Data". Contact us if you cannot use this VIP functionality or the IDs are already available. In order for Trakt to find the right data, it is recommended to add the missing IDs on the TMDB website as well. To do this, go to your movie or series on the TMDB website and click the " Edit" button under the „ Overview" tab. Then you can add all missing IDs in the " External IDs" section. Now you have to wait a few hours :) Thank you very much for your contribution!


Where can I watch or stream movies and series?

I’m extremely sorry for the inconvenience, but Moviebase is not intended for illegal streaming or watching any movie or TV show on your device.

However, you can discover your movies as well as TV shows and open streaming websites like Netflix, JustWatch or on the detail page.

Do you support liked lists?

Liked lists from other users are not supported yet, but I’m working hard to provide this feature in the future.

Where can I sign up?

You can sign up your Trakt or TMDB account under:
1. Click on the More tab in the bottom navigation
2. Tab on the profile image/name on the top of the page
3. Choose the service which you want to connect
4. Follow the instruction in the browser

Do you support synchronization between devices?

Synchronization between devices is only possible if you are connected with Trakt or TMDB.


How can I unlock all Premium features?

To unlock all features a Moviebase Premium purchase is necessary. How you can get the Premium access is written here.

Can I transfer my purchase of Moviebase Premium to another account?

Yes. We'll need your receipt for the original Moviebase purchase. You should be able to find your original Moviebase receipt in Google Pay if you have it set up. The most important information is the transaction ID (starts with GPA.) and the purchase date.

I want a refund for Moviebase Premium. How can I get one?

Before we can provide a refund, we'll need the receipt from your Premium purchase. You can find this information in Google Pay > Activity, a detailed description is here. It's worth noting that we're unable to provide a refund if you purchased Moviebase Premium more than 30 days ago.

With the proper info in hand, please contact Moviebase support with the subject "Refund" Attach your proof of purchase along with the refund request. Once we've processed the refund, the Moviebase Premium license will be invalidated.

How can I get rid of the ads in Moviebase?

All ads will be removed when you have Moviebase Premium. You can get the premium version under:
1. Click on the More tab in the bottom navigation
2. Scroll down to Help and click the item
3. Tab the entry Go Premium

Is the Premium version forever?

Yes, the unlimited Premium version is for a lifetime. Only one-time purchase is necessary.

Why Moviebase doesn't show my Premium purchase?

It the purchase was made within the last 24 hours or the device has been switched then it is possible that Google has not released the purchase.

When you still have trouble, please contact us.

Where can I cancel my subscription?

Cancel your subscription on the Google Play Store subscription page in your account.


Can I hide TV shows from my progress list?

Yes. Go to your progress page and press the overflow menu of the desired item you want to hide. Click on the item "Hide this TV show".

Tip You can load hidden items from your Trakt account. Go to the account profile page and click on the menu item "Load hidden items".

Why TV shows don’t show up on progress as Trakt user?

TV shows might not be displayed on the progress page. In most cases, Moviebase couldn’t fetch TV shows through the Trakt synchronization.

This reason is that Trakt and Moviebase use different data sources for TV shows. Trakt obtains the data mainly from TVDB, whereas Moviebase gets the content from TMDB. Both platforms could have missing or wrong IDs for a successful mapping.

How you can fix it by yourself is written "How can I fix the content between Trakt and Moviebase?".

Can I hide waiting and ended TV shows from my calendar?

Yes, you can disable the switch "Show waiting and ended TV shows" in More > Settings > Calendar.


Can I use TMDB and Trakt together?

You can currently have a local Moviebase account and one connected account of TMDB or Trakt.

Why have Moviebase different episodes than Trakt?

Trakt and Moviebase use different data sources for TV shows, seasons and episodes. Trakt obtains the data mainly from TVDB, whereas Moviebase gets the content from TMDB. Both platforms could have a different grouping of episodes.

If only an episode is missing in the app then you can add it on TMDB directly.

Why my episodes or TV shows disappear?

Moviebase uses the TV shows from TMDb and sometimes the episodes are not the same as Trakt has. Could you mention which TV shows aren't correctly displayed?

How can I connect to Trakt?

If you can't connect (white screen, error message), Trakt may currently be unreachable (check, @trakt or the Moviebase community for status updates). Please try again later.

What is check-in with Trakt?

The check-in action allowing the user to indicate what they are watching right now. A check-in requires you to connect Moviebase with Trakt. After the runtime of the episode or movie has passed, the episode or movie will be set watched on your Trakt profile and in Moviebase.

What are the rules for posting comments?

Comments can be posted as a quick shout or a more detailed review. Failure to follow these rules will suspend your commenting abilities. Comments must be at least 5 words Comments 200 words or longer will be automatically marked as a review Correctly indicate if your comment contains spoilers - This is important! Only write comments in English

Where are my watched movies and episodes from TMDB?

Moviebase removes the mark watched function when the user is logged with TMDB, because TMDB doesn’t support watched movies or episodes.

If you want to mark items as watched then you can use the local app account or connect with Trakt.

Terms & Conditions  

This Affiliate Agreement (referred to as "Agreement") details the complete terms and conditions in creating a binding contract between Travelcheck (Pty) LTD  AND you the "marketer", "affiliate" or "you" The parties have agreed to enter into this agreement whereby the marketer intends to market the Travelcheck search engine, by means of advertising and/or booking facilities on its websites. And whereas Travelcheck possesses expertise in the field of marketing travel products, and owns and/or has rights to sales tracking and related technologies capable of administering the marketing of travel products In return of marketing the Travelcheck search engine, Travelcheck will pay the Affiliate the Referral Fees in accordance with the terms of this agreement.



Within this agreement the following words and expressions shall have the following meanings, unless the context otherwise requires: "Charge Back" means a credit card or debit card or any other payment method transaction that is being disputed by the card issuer and for which charges are being reversed; "Commencement Date" means the date the Affiliate has accepted the terms of this Agreement; "Link" means a Hypertext Link from the Affiliate`s Website to Travelcheck's Website; "Net Revenue" means the affiliates' commission less any chargebacks, credits, bonus, or uncollectible revenue. "Travelcheck Website" means website currently located at, and "Travelcheck Brand" means: (i) all or any names which include "Travelcheck" including without limitation "Travelcheck", "", "Travelcheck Namibia", "Travelcheck Tanzania", "Travelcheck flights", "Travelcheck cheap flights", "Travelcheck hotels" and "Travelcheck cars"; and (ii) all or any trade names and trademarks used by Travelcheck from time to time and whether or not registered in any part of the world. "Commission" means the referral fee that will be paid by Travelcheck to the affiliate. "Confirmed sales" means a customer who arrives at the Travelcheck site as a result of Affiliate marketing activity online (e.g. via a banner or a link) or Newsletter, and makes a booking on the Travelcheck website and where Travelcheck process the payment for this booking. "Referral Programme" means the Travelcheck referral programme pursuant to which the Affiliate will receive a commission; "Report" means information that can be accessed through the Travelcheck tracking facility. "SPAM" is defined as unsolicited bulk mail messages including, but not limited to, bulk-mailing of commercial advertising, information announcements, and political tracts. "Unsuitable Website" means a website that displays, advertises or promotes the following, but not limited to; (a) Pornography, or any sexual acts; (b) Violence; (c) Racism; (d) Illegal activities; (e) violates intellectual property rights; (f) Any conduct that may have a damaging effect on the Travelcheck image Words denoting the singular shall include the plural and vice versa and words denoting any gender shall include all genders.



In order to apply to the Travelcheck affiliate programme a completed affiliate programme application must be submitted via the Travelcheck website. Once received, this application will be evaluated by a Travelcheck employee. You will then be notified of the outcome. If the circumstance arises that your application is rejected this will be as a result of a full review of your proposed affiliation and at our sole discretion has been found 'unsuitable'. If you application is rejected you can apply for an explanation of this decision and can reapply to the affiliate programme once suggested alterations have been carried out. Upon Travelcheck's acceptance of your Affiliate application, you will receive an approval email with affiliate logins to gain access to the affiliate reports and your choice of Travelcheck affiliate marketing material which will assist in driving traffic to Travelcheck and tracked back to you the affiliate. In using these materials you agree that you will deliver complete co-operation with Travelcheck in order to establish and maintain affiliate marketing. You may only use this material on sites that you have proposed to us in your affiliate application and which we have approved. You agree to inform us of any additional sites that you wish to promote Travelcheck on and obtain our approval for this before featuring any Travelcheck material on them. You may not modify any of the Travelcheck marketing material or links unless prior written consent from us has been obtained; failure to comply with these rules will entitle Travelcheck to take action including but not limited to rendering your links inoperative. You may only use the marketing material made available to you by your affiliate manager, and therefore you are not permitted without prior approval by Travelcheck to use any other methods of promotion/advertising such as the use of spam e-mails.



By agreeing to these terms, Travelcheck grants you the non-transferable, nonexclusive, revocable license to use its marketing tools that was provided upon your acceptance to the affiliate programme, during the term of this agreement. You are not permitted to make any alterations to this material in any way whatsoever, without our prior written approval to do so (which we may in our sole discretion decide to grant or withhold), and unless you have first supplied us with your intended alterations. We reserve the right to terminate this license at any time should we, in our sole discretion, deem your use of such material to be inappropriate or if we suspend or disable your affiliate account Except for the Travelcheck affiliate marketing materials provided to you by Travelcheck pursuant to these terms and conditions and for any alterations to the same which we have approved in writing, you must not use the Travelcheck Brand or any part of it or any mark, name or brand confusingly similar to the Travelcheck Brand or any part of it whether to promote your site(s) or for any other reason. Without limitation you must not : (i) register or apply for registration of or use any domain name; or (ii) use any keyword, metatag or other or other means of advertising on any internet search engine ; or (iii) Affiliates utilizing search engine marketing for traffic generation will not be allowed to bid on Travelcheck's brand name or any combinations thereof which incorporates Travelcheck, the Travelcheck Brand or any part of it and , without limiting any other rights or remedies which Travelcheck Limited may have, in the event that you register, apply for or use any domain name which includes "Travelcheck" you will immediately upon request of Travelcheck transfer that domain name back to us.



All information supplied on application must be truthful and accurate. On the event of Travelcheck discovering any activity or wrong information regarding your affiliate account we reserve the right to investigate this issue and subtract from the commissions due to you an amount of money to reflect the required investigation and additional work created by your having provided incorrect or incomplete details. Travelcheck will closely monitor all affiliate accounts and commission for signs of fraud, either on the part of the affiliate or on the part of the affiliate's customers. Upon finding any instances of fraud Travelcheck shall freeze your affiliate account and make immediate contact with you in order to resolve the matter and where necessary launch a full investigation. Travelcheck reserves the right to terminate this agreement in the event of any wrong doing including but not limited to fraud and/or collusion.


The terms included in this agreement will commence upon your acceptance of the terms and conditions stated within this document and will conclude upon terminated by either Travelcheck or you the affiliate which can occur at 30 days' notice. Either party shall issue the other party a written notice should they wish to terminate this agreement. Once the agreement is terminated final commission shall be paid and all Travelcheck related marketing material must be removed. Travelcheck reserves the right to withhold the final payment for up to 3 months to ensure that the correct amount is paid. Final payment will remove any future claim or entitlement to any further commission.



The affiliate will retain complete control over their site(s) and must ensure that they continue to be appropriate to Travelcheck terms and conditions. Your site must not contain any content of the sites or materials proprietary to Travelcheck unless prior written permission has been obtained, or it is material obtained through the Travelcheck affiliate programme. Travelcheck will remain completely separate from the affiliate's site(s) and as such Travelcheck will not be included in any claims, damages and expenses relating to the development, operation/maintenance and contents of your site. Affiliates should continually be aware that their conduct has the potential to affect the Travelcheck image and should therefore conduct their activity in a way that does not damage or have a negative impact on the Travelcheck brand.



The Marketer will earn commission for every paid booking generated from its websites. Travelcheck shall have the right to amend the Commission payable on 30 days' written notice to the Marketer. It is specifically agreed that Travelcheck may deduct, from commission earned in respect of the sales of Travel Products, for any fraudulent bookings, charged-back amounts due to fraud and any other amounts as may be owed to it by the Marketer, before paying over to the Marketer the balance of monies due.



Travelcheck shall administer all transactions relating to the Travel Products concluded on the Websites, by means of, inter alia, tracking of transactions, collection of monies from purchasers of Travel Products, payment of expenses including, but not limited to, payment to travel providers for Travel Products sold Travelcheck shall at all times, for the duration of this agreement, allow the Marketer access to the transaction tracking facility contained in the Marketing Software, in order that the Marketer may directly track and verify all clicks and bookings made on the Websites by product category. Travelcheck will then confirm these bookings as approved or cancelled and pay commission on that. Commission calculation is based on the total amount of sales made for domestic sales and international sales separately. Travelcheck shall be responsible for compiling the affiliate's monthly commission information. It is the full responsibility of the affiliate to correctly execute tracking links and tracking codes in order to reduce the occurrence of any discrepancies in reporting, tracking and commission accrual. All commission shall be paid to you on in arrears on a monthly basis in South African Rands. Commission shall be credited to your bank account after an invoice has been sent to Travelcheck, which can take up to 30 days, but on average should happen within 10 days after the end of the given month.



Notwithstanding anything to the contrary herein contained, Travelcheck shall be entitled to market products similar to the Travel Products directly to its customers ("Direct Sales"), notwithstanding that such customers may previously have purchased Travel Products from the Marketer. The Marketer shall have no entitlement to monies received by Travelcheck in respect of such Direct Sales.



Travelcheck will be in no way be held liable for any damages or loss of revenue, profits or data resulting from participation in the Travelcheck affiliate programme. The provisions of this section will survive the expiration or earlier termination of the contract for any reason. This section shall not apply to (a) breaches by a party of its obligations in Clause 13 below, or (b) the willful or reckless acts or omissions of a party, its agents or employees.



Travelcheck reserves the right to modify terms & conditions contained in this agreement, when such modifications take place affiliates shall be notified via our affiliate programme site. Once affiliates have been informed this shall be considered sufficient provision of notice and will become effective 30 days after notification has been given. Any modifications that affiliate object to can be raised via the affiliate manager for an explanatory response regarding the reasons for change



Travelcheck will do its utmost to ensure that we run our search engine to the best of our ability without interruptions or errors, however Travelcheck shall not be held responsible for any loss of business suffered through the performance of the search engine. Travelcheck does not express or imply any warranties or representations regarding the Travelcheck affiliate programme(including without limitation warranties of fitness, merchantability, non-infringement, or any implied warranties arising out of a course of performance, dealing, or trade usage). The Travel Products are provided by Travelcheck , on behalf of the Travel Product Providers "as is" and where available, and Travelcheck makes no representations or warranties with regard to the same. Travelcheck expressly disclaims all implied warranties, obligations and liabilities arising by law or otherwise, with respect to the Marketing Software and the Travel Products, including without limitation any (a) implied warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose; (b) implied warranty arising from course of performance, course of dealing or usage of trade; or (c) implied warranty of non-infringement. The Marketer acknowledges that the Travel Products are provided by the applicable travel suppliers and not by Travelcheck. Travelcheck will have no liability to the Marketer or any of its customers for (a) any failure of the Marketing Software or the systems of any third party that results in the failure or inability to process a transaction, or (b) the quality of the Travel Products provided by travel suppliers to customers.



Neither the Marketer nor Travelcheck makes express or implied warranties nor representations, except as expressly provided herein. Representations and Warranties; in agreeing to the terms and conditions of the Travelcheck affiliate programme you express your acceptance of the following; (i) this Agreement has been duly and validly executed by you and constitutes your legal, valid and binding obligation, enforceable against you in accordance with its terms; (ii) the execution, delivery and performance by you of this Agreement and the consummation by you of the transactions contemplated hereby will not conflict with or violate any provision of law, rule, regulation or agreement to which you are subject to; and (iii) you are an adult of at least 18 years of age. You further represent that you have evaluated the laws relating to your activities and obligations hereunder and you have independently concluded that you can enter this Agreement and fulfil your obligations hereunder without violating any applicable rule of law. You acknowledge that you have read this Agreement, have had an opportunity to consult with your own legal advisors if you so desired, and agree to all its terms and conditions. You have independently evaluated the desirability of participating in the Affiliate Programme and are not relying on any representation, guarantee, or statement other than as set forth in this Agreement.



Through your affiliate relationship with Travelcheck you may be included on privileged information which is regarded as confidential and will be highlighted as such. Any such confidential information should not be communicated to any third parties.



In the event of any translations of the terms in this agreement resulting in any discrepancies of meanings the English language version shall prevail.



We do not condone SPAM. Any form of SPAM will result in your account being placed under review and all funds due being withheld pending an investigation of your account. Should you wish to report any incidences of SPAM, please contact us at



By agreeing to this contract, you agree to occasionally receive promotional information from Travelcheck. You can opt out of this at any time.



This agreement will be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of South Africa, without regard to the conflict of laws rules of any jurisdiction. The parties shall first attempt in good faith to resolve any dispute arising out of or relating to the contract or these Conditions by negotiation. If the parties are unable to resolve the dispute by negotiation, any and all disputes, controversies and claims arising out of or in connection with the contract and these Conditions, or the breach, termination or invalidity thereof, shall be settled by arbitration in accordance with the rules of Arbitration in South African Law. Unless the parties agree otherwise, the arbitration proceedings shall be conducted in Cape Town, South Africa. The arbitration award shall be final and binding upon the parties. Both parties agree that, the existence of a dispute notwithstanding, they will continue without delay to carry out all their responsibilities under these Conditions that are not affected by the dispute.



This agreement constitutes the whole agreement between the parties as to the subject matter hereof and no agreements, representations or warranties between the parties other than those set out herein are binding on the parties.



This agreement constitutes the whole agreement between the parties as to the subject matter hereof and no agreements, representations or warranties between the parties other than those set out herein are binding on the parties.



No latitude, extension of time or other indulgence which may be given or allowed by any party to any other party in respect of the performance of any obligation hereunder or the enforcement of any right arising from this agreement and no single or partial exercise of any right by any party shall under any circumstances be construed to be an implied consent by such party or operate as a waiver or a notation of, or otherwise affect any of that party's rights in terms of or arising from this agreement or stop such party from enforcing, at any time and without notice, strict and punctual compliance with each and every provision or term hereof.